Sourcing inner wisdom to create paradigm shift in education system

About Anveshan

Anveshan is an evolving experiment to learn & Unlearn.

Anveshan is an evolving experiment to discover Individual’s Inner wisdom.

Anveshan is an evolving experiment to transform.

Anveshan is an evolving experiment to co-create.

Anveshan is an evolving experiment to embrace failure with grace


Our mission at Anveshan is to inform, inspire & impart integral learning & leadership, where mind, body and soul are aligned to create harmony with all life.


Anveshan engages with the children, youth & adult (urban and rural) for creating a sustainable & equitable world by sourcing their inner wisdom.


Our Objective is to design sustainable experiential learning courses for self-development and leadership development among the children, youth and adult of the world based on inner wisdom.


An Anveshan Yatra is a journey into the unknown. It is not just a physical travel from place to place, but an adventure through the unseen Self. There is no purpose of this travel, except to discover the hidden purpose for which each individual is born. The Yatra gives you time, space and support to take a walk through the corners of your mind that are conquered by fear. It is an exercise in defining your core values, find the substance that you are made of. Anveshan helps you to draw a life map and introspect on what you burn for.

What makes you, you? A transition from the fear of judgement to the courage for truth; Your truth. And once you have looked yourself in the eye, we will arm you with practices that you can carry back to continue the journey of self-discovery.

Ganga Yatra

A Journey of Self Discovery

Narmada Yatra

Embark an adventure of a Lifetime


Pan India Gap Year Program

21 Days Challenge

Transform yourself


Best Gift you can give Yourself


Leadership Programs, Curriculam Development & More!

Choose Your Adventure!

Which program is best for you?

  • Anubhava : Pan India Gap Year Program

    11 Months

    This program is best for people taking a gap year from school, university or their job to reorient their lives, step back to analyse what they really want and pick a new direction to steer in. This is our longest program and requires participants to immerse into the Anveshan family while traveling.

  • Ganga Yatra

    May-June (18 days)

    Best for age group 16-28

    An experiential education and leadership program for young adults (16 To 28)- Travel along the river Ganga from it's source to it's tributaries- interacting with communities and understanding about environmental, social, environmental justice and development issues while also exploring your own inner journey to power and wisdom.

  • Narmada Yatra

    Jan (15 days)

    Best for age group 14-28

    The Narmada Yatra opens a window to the life of the river, its people and the diverse ecology it supports. It is an exploration of the story and life of the River Narmada, from its source to the communities that lives along it shore; It is also a journey of self-exploration. During this journey of 15 days, young explorers delve in to the ecological, social, economic, spiritual, cultural, religious, historical and mythological perspective of this Holy River, as well as the sacred geography of their own inner terrain; their story, identity, wisdom and source of inner power in this fast-changing world.

  • 21 days challenge

    Throughout the year

    Best for ages 14 onward

    This program is open to everyone who wants to make a shift in their behaviour and cultivate positive habits. To participate, you can join our virtual community from anywhere in the world, within the comfort of your own home.

  • Retreats

    Throughout the year (3-5 Days)

    We organise retreats for different age groups as per requirement. The open retreats are best for professionals from ages 26 onward. A retreat is recommended to you if you lead a busy life that leaves little space for calm and connection to self.

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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much" - Helen Keller

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